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5 Things You Could Highlight In Your Next Email Marketing Message

Write email marketing message

You're convinced that email marketing will take your business to the next level. (Maybe last month's blog post helped with that!) But you have no idea what to put in your message.

Sound familiar?

Plenty of business owners struggle to create the right mix of messages for their email marketing campaigns. Never fear. Everyone has something exceptional to share. This month, I'll give you five great ideas that apply to any business, large or small.

Let's get started.

1. Your New Product

A product launch is a no-brainer for an email marketing campaign. Your email list is made up of people who know you and your brand, so they're primed to try a new product or service from your company. Telling them about it when it's ready to purchase makes a ton of sense.

You can do even better.

Imagine you're dreaming up a new product, but you're not quite sure what features should be included. You don't know what to call it. Or you don't even know if the market is interested in it. Drum up some anticipation through a teaser and a poll. You could end up with valuable information that makes the launch even more successful.

2. Your Hidden Gem

Every business owner I talk to has some product or service that just isn't selling as expected. Perhaps a little community buzz could make it take off, and your email marketing could help.

Use your message to talk about the perks of your product. Explain why it's so wonderful, and then, give your email list a secret discount to try that product. Better yet, give them a deeper discount if they refer a friend to try it.

I'm a big fan of rewarding people for participating in an email marketing campaign. Discounts tied directly to the message can help you understand if your outreach is working, and you can use those insights to build a bigger campaign that reaches more people.

3. Your Upcoming Sale

Many, many people use email marketing to discuss things like holiday sales or President's Day specials. You can stand out by holding a sale that's unique to you and your business.

For example, if you're running a furniture-making business, an Arbor Day sale may be completely unexpected for your audience. Creating an email-only code that gives customers an added discount during your sale could ensure it's a hit. And, if you encourage your readers to share the message, you could watch your list size grow.

4. Your Product How-Tos

Companies with complex products do a good job of sharing information about assembly, common uses, and potential pitfalls. However, I rarely see other businesses creating content that could deepen their connection with their customers.

For example, I'm working on email marketing campaigns with a yoga studio. As part of our outreach, we're breaking down one yoga pose into its component parts in each email message. The instructor has the chance to share her expertise, and new yogis learn more about how to deepen their practice. It's a win-win!

5. Client Reviews

For many consumers, social proof is everything. If your email list is filled with new people who haven't bought from you yet (but really want to), a review could push them right over the edge. If you get a fantastic review on any site (Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc.), pop that into your email marketing and share the good news.

Better yet, use those good reviews as an opportunity to solicit more. Tell your customers how much these notes mean to you and your business. You could end up with higher scores than you ever dreamed possible.

Don't Dismiss Email Marketing

These ideas should get you started on an exceptional email marketing campaign. If you're stuck, don't worry. I'm here to help. Reach out and tell me more about your business, and I'll help you create winning messaging in no time.


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