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Three Digital Marketing Trends I’m Watching Right Now

watching digital marketing trends

Digital marketing techniques change quickly, and it can be hard to understand what trends will stick and what will fade away. While I like to experiment and try new things all the time, some techniques seem stickier than others. These are the things I’m watching closely right now.

AI Will Change the Landscape

Close to 30% of Americans say they interact with artificial intelligence (AI) tools every day. Marketing experts likely lean on them even more—and they could change our jobs in very meaningful ways.

I suspect that some marketing teams will lean on AI to write articles, craft ads, and spruce up social media posts. And I’ve already seen employers actively looking for contractors who know how to use AI (or who are willing to learn).

All ethical contractors should tell their clients when they’re using AI. I suspect there will be some sneaky agents out there who are using these tools to complete assignments quicker—while billing for full-time human work. That’s far from fair.

While we all have concerns about AI, it’s not going away. We should all learn how it works and how to spot content that hasn’t been written by—or even checked by—a human being.

Ad Blockers Will Continue

About 37% of consumers worldwide use ad blockers. These tools can keep companies from placing cookies on your computer, tracking your movements, or even showing you ads in the first place.

As marketers, these tools can be harmful. They can keep us from proving to our clients that we’re doing a good job. They can also keep us from reaching a new group of people who might want our client’s products.

Just like AI, ad blockers aren’t going away. But there are ways to work around them. All skilled marketing teams should look for ways to build up robust customer lists, and we should make our email marketing so compelling that it’s always read and potentially shared.

Social Media is Pay to Play

When I started running social media sites years ago, I depended on the viral post. If I had the perfect image with targeted text, I could reach this intense group of people who would comment, share, and take action. Viral reach was my secret weapon.

It’s much harder to go viral these days. Social media sites are cracking down on organic reach—and that’s really smart. They want to make money, and they ensure businesses feel the pain and are enticed to pay.

If social media is part of your marketing strategy, it should come with a budget. There are smart ways to spend money, extend your reach, and get results. But if you’re not prepared to put a little money behind the content, it may not be worthwhile to invest in a lot of social media posts.

Work with a Digital Marketing Expert

Staying up-to-date on marketing trends isn’t easy, especially for people with full-time jobs and busy lives. Hiring a contractor that can examine your strategy and assess your spend. Funding even a few hours of marketing research could ensure that your strategy matches up with current best practices. I would be happy to help with this task! Just reach out, and let’s talk.


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